Thursday, July 11, 2013

True Love Always Find it's Way

Beautiful Love Story

A guy met a girl online, and gradually began to chat to each other regularly and became good friends.

After a few months, they expressed their love for each other. They were happily in love for a few weeks, until one day suddenly the girl stopped responding to the guys messages. He waited and waited ..

Weeks passed, and he still sat by his internet awaiting her message, but nothing..

He was scared something had happened to her, his heart felt like it did but eventually he accepted the fact that their relationship was over. He was heartbroken .. He cried himself to sleep everyday reading her old love messages.

After a few years, he had just started university. After all this years, he stayed away from girls because he couldn't stand the heartbreak, but one girl took his fancy.

A beautiful women, it was weird as he never even looked at girls before, but there was something special about her. So he approached her, but was rejected instantly.

Boy: I'm sorry, if I offended you by saying I liked you.

Girl: It's not your fault .. It's just that I'm already in love with someone ..

Boy: Oh right, I'm sorry. Your already taken

Girl: Actually no.. I fell in love with a boy three years ago, he was from here, but due to the circumstances I had to leave him, but now as an excuse to study I have come here in search of him..

Boy: Wow! Actually I've been through something similar!

Girl: Really? What was her name?

Boy: Alisha (when he looked down at the girls book it was labelled 'Alisha'..)

They embraced each other and burst into tears!

Boy: Why did you leave me??

Girl: I met with a car accident, and was in the hospital paralyzed for a year .. I only fully recovered 6 months ago. Everyone thought I was going to die, but the thought of seeing you kept me alive. When I got better, I planned to come and see you to surprise you, you told me you would only want to go to this university so I applied here too.

MORAL: True love will always find it's way; No matter what obstacles are in it's path. If your love is true; Just wait for it to find you ..?.?


  1. Great love story. Something similar happened to me ones. Except, the guy i met was the one who stopped talking to me and i didn't get into an accident. Andrew, the guy i met online, was the first guy i fell inlove with, don't get me wrong, i've liked other guys but i never said i love you to any of them, like i did to andrew. It's been two years and i still haven't heard from him. I miss him. I want to know why he stopped talkng to me, if what we had was true, if our relationship was true and if everything he said was true. Because, let's face it, you would ask yourself that too wouldn't you? When the guy you're with suddenly stopped talking to you.? I just wish i could talk to him again, even for just a day. Some of the people who might read this, may say; "you're so dramatic, get over it, or there's other guys out there". Well i'm telling you now, i'm the kind of girl who doesn't show her emotions, i'm quiet, shy and doesn't trust easily. And this guy, andrew, he... Talked to me and talked to me, even though at first i ignored him. You still might not believe me but, everything i wrote here is true.

    1. Girls like you are very few.. I can tell you tat you'll find ur love one day.. keep belief in u & ur love.. best wishes.. :)

  2. love is just a drama for boys and they are script writers , directors and good actors of their own production....they are unpredictable.....

  3. Great love story as well as a very true moral and yes being unpredictable is kinda what makes it fun i think



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